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East Lothian Antiquarian and Field Naturalists’ Society


I should like to welcome you as a new member of the society. I am sure you will find much to interest you and will make new friends. Members come from all over East Lothian and beyond. I am sure that if you live in East Lothian you will find that some live in your area. We realise that this geographic spread sometimes makes it difficult for us to get to know each other, so please make yourself known.

Members normally make their own way to meetings but it is sometimes helpful to double up. This makes for a friendly atmosphere and can be helpful for parking which is sometimes difficult. If you have a difficulty with driving please let us know. We may be able to make an arrangement.

The Society’s transactions, now published at approximately two yearly intervals, are issued free to members. Back numbers and the publication on Dunbar Parish Church are available.
They can be seen in local libraries and some academic libraries which subscribe. If you are interested in acquiring the transactions contact the president.

I look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

Yours sincerely


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